MeTTa, now open to all Wealth practices

Posted : 19 June 2019

In 2017 MeTTa Capital developed the next evolution within the Section 12J asset class, launching South Africa’s first portfolio of Section 12J funds offering. Two years later, MeTTa Capital positions itself as a full-service Section 12J offering aimed at facilitating the next wave of adoption by wealth advisory practices, tax practitioners, retail and corporate investors.

“It’s about the facilitation of investment through the removal of the current barriers of entry that investors face when considering Section 12J investing. It’s the formulation of an all-encompassing option for investors to utilise the tax incentive provided by SARS and direct this capital into the hands of entrepreneurs best placed to rapidly scale their operations, prompting a demand for labour resources and igniting long-term sustainable growth”- Darryn Faulds, Fund Manager.

With all infrastructure in place to seamlessly scale the  number of our investors, along with our automated client services function,  MeTTa Capital now opens its platform to South African Wealth practices of all sizes.

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