Section 12J is a public-private sector initiative aimed at stimulating growth in our economy and it is aimed at you the retail investor. 12J provides the retail investor with an incentive, through a Section 12J tax-deduction, to invest his/her capital back into the economy through a SARS approved structure, to provide equity finance to small and medium sized business allowing them to scale up enough where they can meaningfully impact job creation and economic output.

MeTTa Capital has now brought to you, the retail investor, the most investor-friendly 12J investment vehicle that gives you diversified exposure to South Africa’s leading Venture Capital.

Our Funds are across all spheres of the 12J universe. With a blended portfolio, the retail investor will now own shares within 6 of South Africa’s leading 12J Funds at no additional fees than had an investor invested into each fund individually.

MeTTa Capital is the two-fold investment solution that not only reduces your taxable income through a Section12J deduction but also gives you exposure to an alternative asset class uncorrelated to your existing investments. Have a look at our latest fund offering, setup a meeting with the fund manager and let’s discuss you accessing one of the fastest growing alternative asset classes in South Africa and get a 100% tax deduction while you’re at it.

12J Tax benefits

Key Highlights of Investment

Minimum Subscription

R500 000

Per Investor

Targeted IRR

16 - 18%

Dividend Return


from 1 march 2019

Dividend Return


5 - 8% P.A.

On gross capital invested

Return of Capital

Return of risk capital

5-7 Years

Targeted Cash Flow Profile of MCP II