Diversify your Investment

METTA CAPITAL II - an innovative “portfolio of funds” single entry point structure for investors

SA First Section 12J Portfolio of Funds offering

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Invest towards the Greater Economic good

An initiative to stimulate the economy and ignite job creation

Section 12J Explained

An initiative for providing visionary entrepreneurs with equity finance to help them scale

Introducing Metta Capital II

Mitigating advise risk Wealth Planners face when advising their clients on 12J investment opportunities

You are a Wealth Manager searching for a single-entry, diversified 12J investment opportunity for your clients

You are a searching for most Investor friendly opportunity to invest into one of SA’s fastest growing asset classes

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Save on Tax

Individuals and trusts save 45% tax on investment amount


Give yourself a Tax Break

Get a 100% tax deduction on the investment amount

5 - 8%

Dividend Yields

Earn a blended yield of 5 to 8% on investment amount

16 - 18%

Targeted IRR

Net of Fees and taxes


South Africa's First Section 12J Portfolio of Funds

MCP I Fund

Portfolio Fund (Closed)


Fund open Nov-Feb 2019 'Now Raising'

  • MCP II mitigates the advice risk Wealth Managers and Financial planners are faced with when recommending Section 12J Investments to their clients.
  • An Investment process chaired by Dr Adrian Saville that builds and blends the best moderate risk portfolio in the Section 12J market.
  • No additional fees accruing to the Investor when Investing into MCP II.
  • Targeted Capital Raise - R250 Million plus

Investment Committee

Micheal Solomon Teke

Non-Executive Chairman

Nicholas Dennis

Non-Executive Director

DR. Adrian Saville

Independent Non-Executive Director and Chairman of the Investment Committee

Malcolm Segal

Non - Executive Chairman

Jeffrey Wayne Miller

Non-Executive Director

Douglas Raymond Smollan

Non-Executive Director