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Individuals and trusts save 45% tax on investment amount


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Earn a blended yield of 5 to 8% on investment amount

16 - 18%

Targeted IRR

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Offering Closes 25 Feb 2019

Westbrooke STAC

Westbrooke Student Accommodation (STAC) strategy is to build a portfolio of property-backed student accommodation operations situated near higher-learning institutions across South Africa. Westbrooke Alternative Asset Management is the largest fund manager in the 12J space with R1.8 billion under management. It has a track record of excellent reporting and the meeting investor objectives, deployment timelines and dividend distributions to investors.

Targeted Net Return: 16%-17% IRR
Target Gross Average Dividend Yield: 5%-6%
Sustainability of Earnings and Cash Flows: Rental Annuities + Capital Growth
Fund Vintage: 2018
Sector Focus: Hospitality/Student Accommodation

CCP 12J Fund

CCP strategy is to build a portfolio of secondary mining projects, consisting of but not limited to, repurposed mine dumps and tailing retreatment plants, expected to earn a mezzanine type return rather than traditional equity type return, due to lower risk profiles. Investors invest alongside DRA, a leading African mining engineering firm which has committed its own capital of up to R150 million. CCP Mining has an EXPERT Investment Committee, with the likes of Jean Nel (CEO Platinum Division of Sibanye Stillwater and Andrew Naude (Group CFO of DRA) being involved in sourcing their pipeline and converting this pipeline into investable opportunities for Investors.

Targeted Net Return: 18%-20% IRR
Target Gross Average Dividend Yield: 15%- From Year 2
Sustainability of Earnings and Cash Flows: Profitability generated from salvage of commodities to guaranteed off-taker (mine owner)
Fund Vintage: 2018
Sector Focus: Junior Mining

Grovest Energy

The investment strategy is to develop a portfolio of income producing alternative energy assets, including hydro, wind and solar with creditworthy off-takers supported by long-term power purchasing agreements. The company will acquire equity in energy projects that are below permitting thresholds, thus avoiding protracted development periods and the need for project debt finance.

Targeted Net Return: 18%-19% IRR
Target Gross Average Dividend Yield: 7%-10%
Sustainability of Earnings and Cash Flows: Long term {20 years} Power-Purchasing Agreements (PPA)
Fund Vintage: 2017
Sector Focus: Energy

Sunstone Capital

Sunstone Capital’s business model is to provide large corporate fleet operators with rental vehicles, allowing them to move away from the operationally inefficient, intensive and excessive documentation processes of traditional hire purchase finance providers, thus enhancing efficiencies and customer service and saving administrative costs.

Targeted Net Return: 16%-18% IRR
Target Gross Average Dividend Yield: 7%-9%
Sustainability of Earnings and Cash Flows: Annuity Rentals
Fund Vintage: 2018
Sector Focus: Moveable Asset Rental

GAIA Venture Capital

GAIA Venture Capital is managed by GAIA Private Equity and has an investment focus primarily in agriculture and infrastructure projects, backed by a strong track record and relevant experience within their two companies, Agristar Holdings and GAIA Infrastructure Partners Limited.

Targeted Net Return: 18%-19% IRR
Target Gross Average Dividend Yield: 15%
Sustainability of Earnings and Cash Flows: Annuity flows from Agricultural product sale/Infrastructure project yields
Fund Vintage: 2018
Sector Focus: Agriculture/Infrastructure

Lucid Ventures

Lucid Ventures is a portfolio of high-end residential apartments in South Africa’s highest growth areas, with a primary focus in Cape Town and aims to supply the demand for apartment style hotel accommodation, tapping into leisure and corporate tourist markets, by positioning these boutique hotels within strong emerging urban nodes.

Targeted Return: 16%-19%
Sustainability of Earnings and Cash Flows: Rental Annuity and Capital Growth realized upon exit.
Fund Vintage: 2019
Sector Focus: Hospitality

Investment Committee

Micheal Solomon Teke

Non-Executive Chairman

Nicholas Dennis

Non-Executive Director

DR. Adrian Saville

Independent Non-Executive Director and Chairman of the Investment Committee

Malcolm Segal

Non - Executive Director

Jeffrey Wayne Miller

Non-Executive Director

Douglas Raymond Smollan

Non-Executive Director