Frequently asked


  • Our expert investment committee conduct a thorough investment process to build a set weighted Section 12J portfolio offering that is diversified across a variety of market leading strategies and fund managers.
  • Through the valuable industry knowledge obtained in two investment processes, MeTTa Capital’s investment committee have gathered some valuable market insight that is applied and refined into each investment process.
  • Investors are not charged any additional fees by MeTTa Capital and are only subject to the fees charged on their investment within the underlying 12J companies in the portfolio.
  • An investor in MeTTa will obtain a 45 % tax break (for an individual taxpayer at maximum marginal rate) at the time of investment, as they investor will receive a tax certificate from all the underlying VCC’s within the portfolio in the amount that MeTTa subscribed for shares on the investor’s behalf based on the weighting of each investment within the portfolio.
  • There is only a recoupment of the tax break at the time of realisation of an investment within the underlying companies in the portfolio, if that investment is not held for a minimum period pf 5 years by the investor.
  • Any South African taxpayer qualifies to invest in an approved VCC.
  • Qualifying investors can claim income tax deductions in respect of the expenditure actually incurred (Investment amount into MeTTa).