MeTTa Capital’s structure and Income Model depends on the Investment Success of Our Clients.
MeTTa Capital charges no additional layers of fees to our investors or their Wealth Advisors. We merely share in the fees underlying VCC’s charge our investors as a result of them entering through our platform.
01 We align ourselves to successful performance
Fee structures are important considerations in our portfolios, and we look to share in the successful performance rather than high initial up-front fees. This means a VCC needs to deliver and exceed targeted hurdles for our investor before the VCC or MeTTa Capital can earn income. This alignment is critical as it assures our investors of our long-term commitment to them throughout their entire investment term.
Ongoing Compliance and quality fund management is our main priority.

We believe the biggest risk of Section 12J investing presents itself in the ability of fund managers to adhere to relevant and onerous Section 12J legislation. Our Investment processes mitigate this risk by only including compliant business models and competent fund managers within our offerings.

Our Board of Directors then strictly monitor fund activity to ensure these fund mangers are continuing to adhere to specific legislation governing their scope and required timings of their investment activity.


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